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about us

More than 7 years of experience

As STARTFABRIK GmbH we develop lifestyle brands. From conception, product development to sales and marketing, we use our expertise to place sustainable and relevant brands. Through innovative products and our great attention to detail, we have been able to show strong growth in recent years. We make everyday things very special and design products that give our customers pleasure every day.

Our current brands

PVRE [pronounced pure] is the newest addition to our brand family. With PVRE, we want to create a trustworthy, sustainable and transparent brand for household products and nutrition. The brand is still in progress and will be launching its first products soon. 

Founded in 2012 balolo stands for the finest genuine wood accessories in the market. Real wood precisely cut by lasers is hand finished to ennoble modern gadget, like speakers or gaming consoles. In 2018 our product family grew by our first technology product – THE BRICK. In a first kickstarter campaign we could raise over $120,000 in pre-orders.

more to come...